Social for Operations

The Social Enterprise Social Network unifying workspace which handles the many aspects of daily operations and tasks.

Trusted by biggest brands

Meet YNG’s member - YouNet Social Intranet:

The Leading Company in Consulting and Implementation Enterprise Solutions for Collaboration, Communication and Tasks Management based on Social Platform:

  • Automate sales & marketing and manage relationships better and smarter
  • Streamline processes and see a complete picture of the business
  • Gain customer loyalty and trust with multichannel support
  • Empower employees to collaborate and deliver exceptional customer experience
  • Solve business challenges and improve performance with unified communication and sharing
  • Put the focus on people with a comprehensive HR and Employee engagement system
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Why Choose YouNet SI?

Developing by a Top Leading Experts in MarTech

With a team of leading experts in Martech with more than 15 years of consulting experience for more than 150+ leading enterprises. We confidently conquer the most demanding customers.                                     

Using the Top-Notch Technology in the world

Technology is our heart, we keep up to date and deploy the latest, most effective, and secure technology platforms in MarTech.                                                                                                                                                                           

The Best After Sales Services in the field

Besides our professional values from consulting and innovative technology, YouNet SI also commits to provide the best after-sale service to customers. Always accompany with the customers.                                         

Our Services for Business Operations

Digital Enterprise Infrastructure Consultancy

It’s important to find the right strategies for a successful digital transformation. We’re happy to help with our new Digitalization Consulting service offering.

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Enterprise Social Network

The Leading versatile platform with Enterprise intranet. Collaboration, task and project management, contact center, and website builder tools are included.

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Omni-Channel CRM 4.0

The efficient CRM jam-packed with client management, customers support and marketing automation features. Available in cloud and on-premise, on desktop and mobile device.

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