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More than 80% market share of Social Listening  Services in Vietnam are provided by our 2 member companies:

YouNet Media

Is the perfect blend of proven TECHNOLOGY expertise & MARKETING mindsets. We are the leading Social Analytics Platforms & Services in Vietnam, providing Clients with the most powerful Social listening platform (SocialHeat) & The Largest Pool of Qualified Influencers (SociaLift) as well as related Services.


Founded in 2013, Buzzmetrics is the pioneers of using social listening data to bring businesses & consumers closer together. Based on the key idea that social media is a virtual society where people live their second life, we exist to deliver better business outcomes through the understanding value of online voices.

Our Social Listening Services follow Marketing Journey
Brand needs:01. Industry Understanding
  • Interests and concerns of consumer 
  • Social presence of competitors 
  • Relevant channels, influencers, and events

To ultimately create an effective communication strategy.

Our Solutions:01. Category Research

Category Research is the process of researching an industry, categories within that industry, the performance of those categories on social media, major brand names, and insights about the target market.

Brand needs:02. Customer Understanding
  • Customer Understanding: Define our customer’s demographics: Gender, Age, Location.
  • Customer’s touchpoints on social media: get an in-depth comprehension on the journey of customers on social media.
  • Customer’s perception towards your brand (product and services).
Our Solutions:02. Customer Research

Customer Research includes tracking individual user’s mentions about you, when and where they talk about you, their interests showed on social media, and their recent activities related to your brand.

Brand needs:03. Customer Understanding(your existing customer in database)
  • Social Media Footprint: Track data about customer’s behaviors, interests on social media.
  • Profile Persona: Define consumer persona based on in-depth behavioral insights.
  • Segmentation: Divide your audience into segments like digital demographics, interests, behaviors, or even personalities.

Recommend: Combined with your CRM database.

Our Solutions:03. Social Customer Portrait

Social Portrait zooms into the details of your customer base and uncovers who they really are on social media. Insightful data allow your brand to connect deeply with your customer like never before.

Brand needs:4. Brand Reputation Management:
  • Brand Analysis (Benchmark your brand’s performance vs. competitors on social media)
  • Crisis Alert for effective risk management (Get alerted instantly via SMS and Email about any potential risk)
Our Solutions:4. Brand Tracking & Crisis Alert:

Brand Tracking & Crisis Alert monitors your brand’s reputation across all channels, measures your name against the competition with share of voices, buzz volume, sentiment, brand attributes and more.

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Brand needs:5. Campaign Management:
  • Pre-campaign (Know the status quo: brand awareness, brand love, and more)
  • During-campaign (Measure performance: buzz volume, purchase intention, sentiment, and more)
  • Post-campaign (Review end-result: share of voice, brand advocacy, review, and more)
    Recommend: throughout campaign timeline
Our Solutions:
5. Campaign Management:

Campaign Tracking ensures your campaign stays on track with real-time performance report tailored to your needs.

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Brand needs:6. Engagement Growth
  • Trends Forecast (Identify what’s hot topics are being discussed)
  • Content Tactics (Support creative and engaging content)
  • Measure Results (How trends impact your social engagement)

Recommend: Instantaneously (When your target audience is more likely to be moved by trends).

Our Solutions:6. Social Trendspotter

Trendspotter helps you uncover trending topics across social media from the real-time database combined with our data analysts and planners’ expertise.

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Why Social Listening Services from YNG?

We don’t report numbers. We tell the meaning of data and beyond.

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