We combine our multi-angle approach with extensive experience across the diversified industry to help clients transform, adapt to changes and respond to opportunities.


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YouNet is the Leading Marketing & Technology Group powered by Social Intelligence

Over 10 years of establishment and development, YouNet Group has always been a pioneer in applying social intelligence and technology into marketing activities and processes, in order to bring about comprehensive digital innovation to push the business performance in Vietnamese and international markets.

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YouNet Group’s vision is to become the leading digital consulting group for marketing in the region and successfully build a technological product chain – enhancing the ability to provide multidisciplinary advice, contributing to promote the sweeping transformation of social-tech development in the business community.

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YouNet Group’s mission is to support Vietnamese enterprises equip themselves with technology and social data as a foundation, thereby enabling them to transform, become more competitive, and develop both at home and abroad in the 4.0 era.

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YouNet Group’s path began not only as a distinctive digital conversion consulting business, but also as a pioneer with bold approaches based on two main pillars: Social Data – Advanced Technology.

Aiming towards true values and sustainable development for customers – this has always been the guiding principle for us in the early days of establishment and still remained the philosophy of the company until now. This spirit of independence was inspired by Mr Nguyen Anh Hoa – YouNet Group’s founder, who always strives to conquer higher challenges. This very spirit creates the power for our businesses to operate and search for groundbreaking directions in the market for over 10 years of operation.

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Our success is measured by our global customers’ trust and loyalty across diversified industries.

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