Who We Are

YouNet is the Leading Marketing & Technology Group powered by Social Intelligence

Over 10 years of establishment and development, YouNet Group has always been a pioneer in applying social intelligence and technology into marketing activities and processes, in order to bring about comprehensive digital innovation to push the business performance in Vietnamese and international markets.

With the majority of clients being multinational companies and large-scale Vietnamese companies (most of our clients appear in the Fortune 500 and VNR500 lists), YouNet Group has uncountable industry practices related to brand management and multi-channel media, both internal and external. As a result, we have extensive experiences in media consulting, providing strategic solutions, and applying suitable technology products to help businesses catch up with the global 4.0 digital trend.

Based on our main pillars of Social Data - Advanced Technology, we focus on offering highly feasible Social Intelligence and Digital Transformation solutions to help enterprises surpass their competitors.

Thoroughness is our guiding principle in every consulting project. Having Data as digital assets, we catch the latest market trends for research, while also anticipate and create them. Developed from a technology company, we always understand the importance of applying artificial intelligence, software and tools products, as well as digital analysis capabilities in order to optimize each customer’s operation system.


Over 10 years of establishment and development, YouNet Group has always been a pioneer in applying social intelligence and technology into marketing activities and processes, in order to bring about comprehensive digital innovation to push the business performance in Vietnamese and international markets.


Integrated amongst brand management models, today, data and technology are changing the perspective, skills, operation of business owners, especially in the field of Marketing – Communications.


Nowaday through methods of insight selection and extraction, Social Intelligence can help enterprises open new segments in business methods and bold approach to potential clients.


It’s critical to digitalise business core strengths with the rising of technology which has changed both customer behaviours and expectations in this constant market evolution.

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Data & Technology

Constant Improve

Innovative Change

Durable Evolution

Vision & Mission

YouNet Group’s vision is to become the leading digital consulting group for marketing in the region and successfully build a technological product chain – enhancing the ability to provide multidisciplinary advice, contributing to promoting the sweeping transformation of social-tech development in the business community.

YouNet Group’s mission is to support Vietnamese enterprises equip themselves with technology and social data as a foundation, thereby enabling them to transform, become more competitive, and develop in both at home and abroad in the 4.0 era.


YouNet Group’s path began not only as a distinctive digital conversion consulting business, but also as a pioneer with bold approaches based on two main pillars: Social Data – Advanced Technology.

Aiming towards true values and sustainable development for customers - this has always been the guiding principle for us in the early days of establishment and still remained the philosophy of the company until now. This spirit of independence was inspired by Mr Nguyen Anh Hoa - YouNet Group’s founder, who always strives to conquer higher challenges. This very spirit creates the power for our businesses to operate and search for groundbreaking directions in the market for over 10 years of operation.

Timeline of Our History

The concept of “advocacy communication” came into practice

Our VoiceShare project made a new turning point for Business Communications. At the same time, our subsidiary YouNet AM was established.

YouNet Group turned 10

Continuing to develop consulting services for marketing and communication on the basis of SocialLift – SocialHeat technology, becoming a measure for the market standardization.

Diversified solutions for Marketing - Communications

YouNet Digital has been established from a digital marketing department of YouNet Group, with the mission to bring marketing solutions – communication on the platform of understanding the market through data from social networks. From there, we begin fine-tuning our system of solutions and products in the field of Marketing – Communications.

A business breakthrough with the incorporation of Buzzmetrics and phpFox

By owning Buzzmetrics, YouNet Group has affirmed its leading position in the Social Listening & Data Analytics market with more than 70% market share.

In parallel with owning the phpFox product, YouNet Group has become a company with the world’s leading platform for social networking products, creating a foundation for business development in the international market.

Became a partner of Bitrix24 to digitize business communications

Our YouNet SI member company was established and became a strategic partner of Bitrix24 in the Southeast Asia market. Internal enterprise communications were gradually transformed in the digital direction, becoming an optimal solution to improve the operational efficiency, in tandem with the connecting personnel.

Social listening opened a new direction in brand management

Our subsidiary, YouNet Media, was established and led the market in the field of social listening thanks to technology applications and multi-channel data sources.

A new chapter for the social networking solution market

YouNet was founded to develop a social network for Vietnam and then used this technical product to enter the global market of building social network.


Nguyen Anh Hoa

CEO & Founder - YouNet Group

Nguyen Hai Trieu

Cofounder & Vice President of YouNet Group
CEO of YouNet Digital
Former CEO of YouNet Media

Do Xuan Huy

CEO – YouNet SI

Mr. Hoa holds a Master in CIS from University of Houston Clear-Lake, U.S and has more than 15 years of experience within Marketing and Communication. He is specialized in developing social solutions and technology platforms, and he has an extensive vision, when it comes to applying technology and using data to bring benefits for Operations Management.

Mr. Nguyen Hai Trieu is co-founder & Vice President of YouNet Group and CEO of YouNet Digital. He is also the cofounder and CEO of YouNet Media, the leading Social Media Intelligence & MarTech group in Vietnam offering brands & agencies with actionable insights and solutions for branding, marketing communications, consumer insight trends & behaviors…
Trieu is one of the pioneering experts in Social Intelligence and Tech-based Digital Consulting in Vietnam. He has great experience with leading international brands in diversified categories & industries such as Samsung, Nestle, Pepsi, Kimberly-clark, Prudential,… as well as top domestic brands such as VietJet Air, VNPT Vinaphone, Novaland,...
Trieu also has almost 22 years of experience in Internet/Digital Services & Solutions for fortune-500 brands & global agencies since 2001 from Europe and Vietnam. Trieu is also a reputable speaker in Social Media Insight and Tech Startups communities in Vietnam.
Trieu got both MBA from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a Master of Computer Science from the University of Technology (Vietnam).

Mr. Huy holds a degree in Information Technology Engineering from the University of Technology, HCMC. He has more than 15 years of experience in consulting and previously he was undertaking senior management positions in technology corporations, such as Technical Director at LogiGear, Business Development Director at FPT Software and Vice President at Unicom Software and TMA Solutions.
Based on his comprehensive experience with technology, software development processes, business management and perations, Mr. Huy’s vision is to research and apply technology trends into management activities to increase efficiency from top to bottom for businesses across various fields in Vietnam.

Tang Gia Hai Lam

Managing Director - Buzzmetrics

Mr. Lam started his marketing and communication career in top agencies such as JWT and Leo Burnett. Following this Mr. Lam moved position to Climax Digital Agency, which he led to become a leading company within the digital field, and in addition to this he also helped Climax to become the partner of big corporations like Coca-Cola, Mead Johnson, Honda, Vinamilk and Unicharm. Mr. Lam was also an Examiner Department Manager for the Vietnam Young Spikes competition in 2018. Now he is a lecturer at the AIM Academy, where he consults and does career guidance activities for the Vietnamese student community.

Quan Thanh Tho

R&D Director – YouNet Group

Mr. Tho graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2006 and was offered the position as Associate Professor in 2012. Due to his considerable knowledge Mr. Tho is a valuable big data mining strategist on social networks, using natural language processing techniques and AI to exploit and evaluate user opinions. This supports enterprises to identify market trends and to collect data for brand communication and marketing strategies.

Le Van Tien

Technical Director - YouNet Group

Mr. Tien holds a master’s degree in computer science and Engineering from the Polytechnic University, HCMC. He has been working with open source technology from 2005, and now plays an important role in building the technology infrastructure at YouNet Group. Mr. Tien has a vast knowledge and experience with large systems and new technologies such as big data and cloud computing and has successfully advised and applied social system solutions for numerous businesses. Mr. Tien joined the advisory board to be in charge of technical support and solutions for social intranet systems of all sizes.