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A modern approach to market research

The term Social Listening has gradually been acknowledged and since become a dominating trend when it comes to market research. The booming of social networks and correspondingly large user databases offer favorable conditions to the growth and popularity of Social Listening.

Unlike the traditional market data collection method, Social Listening extracts information from data points in available Internet resources using pre-defined keywords. This solution is widely used to manage brand health and track the number of target consumers who discuss about the brand. Extracted information by using Social Listening solution can be utilized diversely in brand-related activities, including:

  • Identifying emergent market trends
  • Gaining customer insight
  • Identifying potential social media influencers
  • Extracting customer’s feedback
  • Assessing the effectiveness of social marketing campaigns

Gaining customer insight with SocialHeat and Marketing Intelligence

Understanding consumers’ real interest enables companies to release more catching and approachable product contents. That begs the question of how to gain customer insights and determine whether objectives of a campaign are successfully achieved. Social Listening is in this case the most suitable tool to ensure a marketing campaign truly targets the right customers, at the right time and thus achieves maximum results.

Marketing Intelligence solution, once combined with SocialHeat platform and boosted by Social Listening data, would open the door for companies to collect, extract and analyze information automatically and in real time, with coverage of over 90% of any news and discussions emerging on social networks.

Social Listening is the optimal solution to develop brand communication, solidify and expand brand influence, and increase interaction with customer base.

Social Listening solutions include:

Reputation Management
Category research
Consumer research
Campaign tracking
Influencer platform
Tools & Platforms support Social Listening: SocialHeat