Social Advocacy


Your Employees Are Your Brand


Advocacy marketing has become a digital word of mouth marketing today. It harnesses the power of your employees and partners to transform them into trusted brand advocates. Unleash the power of advocacy marketing to become a digitally enabled business for maximizing the online reputation of your company and brand advocates.

From content to channels, gamification to analytics, especially with integration with Enterprise Social Network & Social Listening, YouNet Social Advocacy responds to all your employee advocacy needs.

Why Us?

In & Out Data Integration

Innovative Gammification

Modification by Campaign

What we offer?

Comprehensive Dashboard

Curate Content

Share & Amplify

Measure & Analyze

Rewards & Gamification

Data Integrated

Employee Activity Analysis

Company Advocacy Pulse

benefit across departments

Employee amplification through social media gives brand an opportunity to be promoted by the people who are most interested in its promotion. While employees become brand ambassadors, each individual becomes a trustworthy voice behind the brand.

benefit across communties

Social Advocacy gives your employees something exclusive, something their friends and followers can’t get anywhere else. It enables your employees to be the go-to person in their own circles for any information and content related to your brand.