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Understand the Market

With the insights Social Listening can help extract from social media chatter, you can gain a better understanding of the market such as prevalent needs for new products or service.

Understand the Competition

Social Listening can provide good competitive analysis and monitoring system of your competitors, enabling you to have an overview of what they are doing. This will give you a clear advantage over your competitors such as releasing a product or service before others could and at a competitive price that customers are already willing to pay for.

Understand the Customer

With Social Listening, you can be in a position of helping your customers by knowing and understanding what makes them happy and how you can make this happen with your products and services.

Understand the Prospect

Social Media can be a powerful tool for generating leads and engaging with potential customers. Most of these prospects will not immediately convert into paying customers. They will need to gather more information and insights about your products or services, and social listening can help you understand what they need.

Understand the Buyer

A particular prospect will give out signals that they are already trying and are ready to make a purchase. Businesses should be ready to respond when this is apparent otherwise they will lose out to the competitor. Social Listening can help you identify if someone is already ready to buy and would just require that added push to make them commit so.

Crisis management

Realtime tracking with negative alert by levels & crisis management support, measure & analyze brand health before, during & after crisis.

Save time & Focus with Centralize Social Media management by analyzing the social media performance of your brand in one tool. Collect, analyze and benchmark your data and enable your social media marketing success.

Discover New Insights

It’s not easy to prioritize, route, and respond to a massive number of daily conversations spread across fragmented social channels. But that’s exactly what brands are expected to do. When consumers reach out and attempt to engage in conversation, they demand real-time acknowledgment and service – no matter where the conversation falls in the social sphere.

For large enterprises, the volume of audience engagement and relevant content is simply too big and moves too fast to manage manually. Companies that can’t successfully monitor, engage, and understand social audiences at scale miss valuable opportunities to build visibility and loyalty. Businesses need a platform to moderate and automate interactions so they can offer experiences that consumers expect.

Our Social Customer Engagement and Experience solution gives your teams the tools they need to easily moderate high volumes of daily conversations in a personal way. You can monitor and filter incoming social conversations in real time through shareable dashboards. You can automatically route, tag, and assign messages as they come in. And you’re able to instantly access user profiles and conversations to add context and depth to every interaction.

The result is a targeted brand experience that audiences have come to expect-every time.

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