On January 12th, 2017, YouNet Year End Party was followed the concept “Let’s flight together” which was recognized as the greatest and the most memorable event of YouNet Vietnam in recent years.

With creative and unique ideas, YouNet Year End Party 2017 not only brings to more surprises and emotion to the passengers but also helps Board of Director of YouNet to spread out a key message to all employees. The main message is a dramatic transformation into a year of bigger and more specific objectives in the global market where SEA is seen as a strategic area in 2017.

Before “the flight “was allowed to take off, CEO & President Younet Group – Nguyen Anh Hoa – Captain of YN2016 had mentioned the growth and strategy development of YouNet Group. Therefore, Year End Party 2017 was not only a gratitude gala but also an opening of a new chapter for YN Group to “fly high” and “fly further”. The articles recorded unforgotten moment during the flight.

Invitations featuring flight tickets and passports given to passengers in the YN2016 flights
Check-in, ticket office, and gas station
Ticket office with blue to represent the color of YouNet Airlines
Boarding gate of YN2016 flight
Flight attendants of YouNet Airline
Ready to welcome the passengers of YN2016
Welcome passengers on board
Two chief attendants gave in-flight announcement
 All passengers listened to safety instructions
Captain Nguyen Anh Hoa officially allowed the flight to take off
All passengers “fly” together to a new year
Buffet was ready to serve the passengers on the First Class Flight
Co-pilot Tran Thanh Nghiep – Deputy of YouNetCo honored the best staff of the year.
Co-pilot Do Xuan Huy – Deputy of YouNetSi honored the best staff of the year
The best staffs of YouNet Media with co-pilot Nguyen Hai Trieu
Co-pilot Peter Nguyen, deputy of Buzzmetrics congratulated the best staffs.
Mr Doan Thai Kien with a happy smile beside the best staffs of YouNet Digital
Mr Nguyen Anh Hoa congratulated the best employees from YouNet Group
The grand prizes were quickly given to the lucky passengers
The young audiences was attracted to interesting performances

The flight was closed with joys and emotion. Furthermore, “Let’s flight together” event is promised to a new journey which brings lots of new challenges, but new successes to YouNet Group.

With the creative, friendly, modern environment, YouNet always welcome the young and ambitious people, who love technology, media and creativity, to challenge themselves in this field which is developing at a rapid rate around the world. Please click to www.younetgroup.com/en/careers for more information about YouNet – the world’s leading provider of social listening solution. There are a lot of opportunities for you!

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