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New measure of Influencers market

SociaLift is a measurement, classification and influencer evaluation platform with wide coverage and features that meet the diverse measurement of media campaigns. SociaLift is built on an exclusive set of metrics that makes it easier and faster to adjust to each goal of each campaign, providing the brand with accurate evaluation information. Below are the indicators of greatest interest:

The audience reach (REACH SCORE): with a maximum score of 100 for the influencers with 2,000,000 followers and above
The relevance (RELEVANCE SCORE): demonstrating the relevance of Influencers on each category (50 categories) and specific areas (74 Careers / Areas)
The level of resonance (RESONANCE SCORE): the rate of followers’ appropriate responses on Influencers’ posts
The brand sentiment (SENTIMENT SCORE): reflecting the rate of positive & negative sentiment/ attitude of followers on Influencers’ posts

Highlights of SociaLift platform

Inheriting the development of Big Data, AI, and Social Listening, SociaLift successfully solves the biggest challenges that brands often encounter in marketing campaigns using Influencers in Vietnam, which are:

  • Determining Qualified Influencers
  • The need of large numbers (several hundred or a thousand) of Qualified Influencers
  • Determining Influencers who match the campaign’s objectives
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