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The platform integrated with a sentiment rating engine

SocialHeat is the platform that helps identify the audience and consumer behavior on social networks. This is the only platform integrated with a Sentiment Rating Engine with an accuracy of 80-85%. With SocialHeat, businesses can:

  • Track the brand status on media
  • Detect and warn businesses of brand crisis
  • Identify people who have negative impacts on the brand
  • Determine user sentiments towards the brand
  • Determine the brand’s attributes on social networks
  • Pinpoint topics of interest and trends related to the brand
  • Analyze trends temporally (day, week, month, …)

SocialHeat data coverage

SocialHeat helps businesses listen and gather consumers’ opinions through millions of conversations every day, from platforms like Facebook (Vietnam: more than 1 million fan pages and groups, 30 million Facebook profiles), Youtube (250,000 channels), online news, forums (3,000 channels), Blog (10,000), website inquiry and reviews, e-commerce website, ... In this way, businesses can save time and have a clearer view of customer feedback analysis, as well as gaining insights into specific industry sectors.

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