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Programmactic Media Buying

Programmatic Media Buying is automatic advertising buying business without human intervention. With its comprehensiveness, flexibility and cost-saving advantages, programmatic media buying has disrupted the limits of traditional advertisement.

Programmatic ad

Programmatic ad is understood as using separate platforms to advertise on different channels with automatic ad buying to facilitate online advertisement. Automation in this case improves transaction efficiency and effectiveness, refines the whole process and supports digital advertising on programmed advertising platform.

Programmatic advertising campaign perfects the effectiveness measurement system of each brand. Indicators are updated almost on a real-time basis with specific information such as display position of the ad, interaction level, and ad effectiveness on a group level at different environments. Advertisers can also make adjustment, measure and run optimization analysis for the ads currently run anytime based on the number of views, clicks and switches without the need to wait until the end of the campaign.

Programmatic Media Buying Process

In order to initiate a programmatic media buying process, companies first obtain customer data for analysis purpose, then execute advertising campaign to attract customers. They can then measure effectiveness via data fed through the advertising campaign.