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Performance Marketing is said to be the future of media. The advent of ads on digital channels represents a big leap in media effectiveness measurement. 90% of marketing expenses are nowadays spent on online channels.

Media effectiveness can be assessed in terms of:

Number of likes, interactions and shares

This is the most straightforward way to assess marketing effectiveness via social media. Companies can grasp a hang of how effective their posts are along with the number of interactions, comments, and shares of each post. From such information, companies can have an idea about which kind of content will attract the highest level of attention from their target customers.

Viewer growth rate

This is an important indicator to assess the effectiveness of social media activities, for which companies should always strive for a positive and sustainable growth. If the indicator’s growth is disruptive, companies should consider increasing the posting frequency. If the number of viewers is declining, companies should reassess their content marketing strategy.

Customer mentioning about the company on social media

Such mention proves to be essential as it allows companies to understand their customers and know how the companies are viewed. Corrective actions must be taken promptly to negative information before the company’s reputation is damaged. An increasing number of positive mentioning, on the other hand, indicates that marketing effort spent by the company is on the right track.

“Click” rate

The number of clicks reveals whether customers who access company’s Facebook or web pages show real interest in knowing more about the company or not.

Number of access

This indicator shows the number of people who have seen either the company’s posts directly, or from posts shared by others. It is also an important indicator as it enables companies to improve brand awareness.

Operating Process of Performance Marketing

During the campaign, companies would make effort to maximize the effectiveness and minimize potential risks. Besides, data analysis gives companies new insights into customers and their business. Last but not least, diverse experience and enriched data would assist the decision-making process.