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A modern customer interaction trend

Social networks are becoming a leading force in the nowadays world. Online Community allows sharing the experience and spreading messages from individuals and companies to a wider community.

With the advent of many popular social networks, the best solution for companies to identify their potential customer group is to create their own Online Community based on the needs of each category. An Online Community delivers a number of benefits, including:

  • Reducing costs while increasing operation effectiveness
  • Developing the relationship and connection with customers
  • Building credit and naturally creating positive discussions about the brand
  • Increasing the number of potential customers that fit the company’s profile

Personalizing customer interaction with the brand

As social networks activities prosper, companies are inclined to focus on such channel to promote their image. Statistics supplied by TNS indicate that Vietnamese internet users are strongly influenced by brand names. 72% users prefer to give feedback to companies or brands they are interested in, and 58% users prefer to be responded. However, popular social network apps such as Facebook or Instagram, etc. make it difficult to collect opinions of genuine users.

It is therefore essential to build an Online Community dedicated to customer base. The concentrated and objective-focused online community created by companies themselves would expand customer base. It also allows companies to better understand the customers and corresponding product feedback in order to execute long term strategies to retain and fortify customer loyalty.

Tools & Platforms support Online Community: phpFox