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Governance via internal communication

Multi-dimensional communication is adopted by companies, both locally and internationally. External media is no longer the exclusive channel to improve quality of the organization as internal communication is playing an increasingly important role in facilitating interaction – connection – transcending aspects.

Enterprise Social Network (ESN) is an inclusive solution to internal governance, allowing all organization-wide communication, collaboration, and management based on social network operation, thus producing a uniform data environment. Departments will find it easier to connect and cooperate with one another, and are able to handle data of bigger volume as well as manage workload more efficiently.

Managing collaboration effectively with streamlined process

There are more than 50 million social network accounts in Vietnam with an average 2.5 hours spent individually on a daily basis. This proves how social networks have affected people’s needs to communicate as they increasingly wish to connect and interact with the outside world despite time and space difference. Therefore, companies need internal communication methods more than ever to streamline and handle data-related matters.

Traditional modes of internal communication have difficulties in delivering information due to easy distraction, poor control and security, poor flexibility and interaction, especially in the case of one-way communication. The modern ESN solution can integrate various internal activities, manage the working progress, automation review process, the ways of using document and create the company’s very own social network.

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