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Standardizing customer database and operating marketing automation

CRM Suite - Full Customer Journey Support is considered one of the solutions for companies to standardize their customer database and develop media – advertising campaigns, Marketing Automation. This method has radically changed how marketing is operated in various aspects, including:

  • Enriching and managing list of potential customers.
  • Fortifying customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Streamlining working process.
  • Automate interactions with customers, departments and ranks.
  • Increasing the productivity and coordination among the departments.

Supporting multi-channel media

As operation is becoming high-tech, multi-channel customer engagement is important. Many companies, however, are having troubles with managing and solidifying customer relationship due to a huge volume and intricacy of customer data. This costs companies a great number of potential loyal customers. Competition in operation, cost efficiency, and standardizing marketing activities remain unresolved problems.

The main tools of CRM & Marketing automation solution include: setting up website, email marketing and CRM; Marketing automation using software, such as customer segmentation, customer data integration and campaign management. Marketing Automation transforms manual processes, increases effectiveness and coordination level.

Digitalization of operational Marketing/Sales Process

Putting customers at the very core, CRM system is integrated with the aim to provide a toolset to the three departments including Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, which are scalable along with other platforms to further involve Finance/ Accountant,Human Resources, Project Department, etc

Full Customer Journey Support

The customer service system starts when they are only a business (Lead) until they become corporate business (Client). All interactions, care of a customer journey always associate with many departments: Marketing, Business, Customer Support (Customer Support), Projects, Administration, Finance/ Accounting...). These activities are recorded, stored in the solution and operated automatically through tools related to communication, management, collaboration. internal or smart dashboard system. The solution integrates with systems like Call Center, ERP, Core System, DMP or DW ... to provide utilities or seamless operations in business operation and management, optimal customer management.

In addition, automating the business processes, or other departments through a simple design interface is a strong and useful solution.

Tools & Platforms support CRM Suite: Bitrix24