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A “win – win” enabler for brands and influencers

In recent years, influencer marketing is considered one of the most active and on-the-rise activities on digital channels. According to the statistics supplied by SocialHeat, a customer insight focused platform, 78% of online users are receptive to advices from people they trust.

Category Influencer Detection enables brands and influencers to find common ground and delivers a “win-win” deal.

Finding the right person to collaborate with is the key if a brand wants its message delivered to target customers. There is a full range of influencers on the market, making it a challenge for brands to detect the optimal influencer group.

Sourcing the right influencers should be based on the need in each stage of market penetration

In the stage where brands, especially new market-entry products, wish to attract major attention in order to make themselves quickly known and recognized, it is best to consider famous influencers with high number of followers. Raving discussions from millions of fans will help to attract the community’s attention.

At the stage when focus should be shifted to advising and addressing questions regarding product’s properties, established professionals would be more likely to win the customers over.

Consumers establish their intention to buy a product once they have assessed that such particular product can meet their need and realized the distinctness from other brands. Therefore, set aside popularity and professionalism of influencers, the compatibility between influencers and brand positioning should also be taken into account.

Influencer detection solutions

Category Influencer Detection solutions include:

Identifying and picking suitable influencers for the campaign: the solution is supported by SociaLift platform – the biggest influencer database in the market, which covers over 15,000 active names on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Analyzing and ranking influencer’s compatibility: based on criterias selected by the brand, including number of followers, interaction level, field of expertise, compatibility level with the target category/group.

Campaign planning and execution: accompany the brand from gaining insights and objectives of the product to executing the booking and measuring influencers’ effectiveness.

Tools & Platforms support Category Influencer Detection: SociaLift