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AI based assistant to marketing automation

AI virtual assistant is currently at the center of focus and is the emergent trend for AI technology worldwide. There is a high level of competition among technology giants to prove that AI virtual assistant will be able to fully understand and converse with human beings in the next couple of years.

Virtual assistant can be defined as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology developed to aid user interaction by utilizing their own daily habits. Companies can adopt virtual assistant to various purposes, including:


  • Customer care
  • Identifying potential customers
  • Building and developing customer relationship
  • Sales support and automatic advertising
  • Multi-channel interaction

More and more technology firms are integrating virtual assistant in their apps on mobile or web-based platform. It is considered the thriving trend in the next years to come. Based on AI’s ability to read and analyze conversation, virtual assistant is expected to deliver more “human-like” conversation with users supported by user activity observation and anticipation features.

With the development of AI, technology firms have developed many devices operated by voice recognition. Voice commands have an edge in reducing interaction time with devices while boosting efficiency.

Voice commanded virtual assistant can also help users gradually reduce the time spent on their phones, an area of particular interest by technology giants.

Ai Virtual Assistant Operational Process

Virtual assistant provides customers with useful information about the product or service of interest. It can be delivered in forms of text, image, video, gif or emoji. Besides, customers can experience automatic search and can request to stop when they no longer need it.

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