The Largest Pool of Qualified Influencers in Vietnam.

The Platform for statistics, measurement and evaluation of the Influencer applied AI with the largest social data in Vietnam
Largest Pool of Qualified Influencers

From potential to professional and Mega Influencers

Real-time Monitoring

Detect and f
ind emerging or hot faces quickly

Exclusive Evaluate System

Years leading in social research, we provide deep-drive metrics in influencers listing and analysis

Turn-key Influencers Marketing Services

We transform your ideas into optimal results, from influencers marketing to integrated digital campaigns

A Valued Solution in INFLUENCER tracking, analyzing and evaluating
SocialLift was born to provide a valued solution in INFLUENCER tracking, analyzing, and evaluating. From that to maximize the R.O.I of Influencer Marketing in the chaos of the Vietnam market nowadays.
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We look at more than follower numbers. We provide clients custom influencer marketing solutions to reach consumers intimately with seamless brand integrations that focus on quality– not quantity.

We help clients identify and activate relevant influencers who can authentically amplify brand messaging through social conversation and content, leveraging rich analytics to track social growth.

YouNet Influencer Rankings by SocialLift

A general has proven of our platform’s ability in the deep-drive analysis.

5 bước lựa chọn Influencer trước chiến dịch
Để lựa chọn được Influencer “chất lượng” chỉ cần đến cảm tính hoặc những con số like/ share/ follower thôi...
Sai lầm lãng phí ngân sách của thương hiệu khi triển khai Influencer Marketing
Việc chọn lựa và đo lường influencer thông qua các chỉ số cơ bản như followers, reach, engagement… marketers dễ rơi vào...
Bắt ngay xu hướng “Influencer Mặn Mà” trên Social Media
Cách thức nào để tìm ra và sử dụng những influencer đang là “hiện tượng social” với lượng follower tăng...
[SocialLift Choice] Những gương mặt bác sĩ uy tín
Nhằm góp phần đẩy lùi “đại dịch” tin giả, SocialLift đề  xuất danh sách các bác sĩ có ảnh hưởng...

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