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Sustainable growth with technology platform

Technology disruptions have direct impacts on competitiveness. Therefore, solutions that can improve quality and optimize operation process are being fiercely sought after.

Sales process solution by Contact center enables businesses to automate sales and customer services. This service supports team quality management in customer service, solidifies customer relations and improves omni-channel weaknesses.

Increasing competition puts businesses under a big concern, "How to increase profits by increasing competitiveness?" As technology platforms grow and improve every day, complex human-made processes are gradually replaced by system-based automation, especially in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. However, to implement such transformation, businesses need to own certain solutions and systems.

Optimizing omni-channel processes

Businesses are provided with a set of process and sales system through a sales process solution on a Contact center application platform. Businesses can then improve customer service quality while optimizing Marketing and Sales activities. These benefits are the results of integrating omni-channels for optimization, from data processing, order processing to inbound, outbound telemarketing campaigns, telesales, telesurvey, etc. Furthermore, it allows better management through quick response; improving sales efficiency by upgrading selling channels can also be done using this solution.

The Sales Process of Contact Center

After integrating all customer interaction channels to the system, all communication and contact become almost automatic on multi-channel including email, social media, wechat, video, etc. All inquiries and feedback will be responded almost immediately by the Contact Center automatic data record system.

Tool & Platform support Sale Process by Contact Center: Contact Center