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Marketing Intelligence – Corporate Communication

In the world today, Marketing is inevitable and plays a pivotal role in brand-building and promotional activities. Therefore, disruptive and creative Marketing solutions always create competitive advantages for corporate.

Marketing Intelligence is a process in which automatically-generated data is collected, analyzed, provided, and utilized, with the purpose of supporting timely business and opportunity-wise decisions, market penetration strategy and other new market development plans. Businesses will be constantly updated with forecasts about the latest insights about market, competitors and other related data in order to create an effective marketing strategy.

Automatic data processing

In the context of global economic integration, brands are gradually advocated to showcase their strengths and attractiveness in the face of fierce competition. For industries where customers have more than one product options, businesses are forced to focus more on communicating their products and brands. Facts and figures acquired from market and internal research bring astounding outcomes, if processed the right way. However, businesses nowadays still have not established effective procedure and system to maximize all data resources for long term plans.

Marketing Intelligence is introduced as a solution to address the issue of automatic data processing. Based on a giant database, this system enables businesses to analyze and evaluate existing data in a more in-depth and objective-wise approach. Integrating data processing and streamlining help each corporate department get benefits differently:

  • Sales: In-depth understanding of competitors and consumer behavior to produce more effective sales strategies.
  • Marketing: Managing brand health and improving Marketing campaign results.
  • Research & Development: Catching the latest & real-time market trends, as well as consumer insights to create new, relevant products.

The complete process of Marketing Intelligence

Enormous and raw data from brands, marketing activities, clients and competitors are input to the Marketing Intelligence system. The Marketing Intelligence system starts processing data and generating market insights. The final data will be used to provide strategic brand decisions.