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Shifting focus of marketing - media campaign

Lead Generation is considered as a modern solution, replacing the traditional customer engagement method that has been in use for centuries. Potential customer data - Lead Generation – is all about creating a list of interested or potentially interested consumer products or its services.

The traditional approach usually goes through a funnel of identifying need – identifying customer – creating relevant marketing campaign. With the modern approach, Lead Generation focuses on “creating need” for target groups.

Actively “generate” potential customers

In the era of open economy, potential customers are no longer fenced in a certain country, but rather approachable from all over the world. This poses as both opportunity and threat for businesses. Customer data is expanded and developed to help businesses grow revenue and profit. Yet, a huge and complicated data pool might result in loss of control and difficulty in targeting the right audience. From that issue, businesses might lose customers to competitors.

Based on the giant data pool of social networks, Lead Generation is the optimal solution for businesses to standardize their data pool. Social network Lead Generation represents a confirmed purchase demand and identified buying power before a salesperson approaches and interacts with a customer. As a result, the solution shortens customer engagement process, saving operational cost and time. Apart from creating a potential data pool, by analyzing behaviors, Lead Generation also enables businesses to steer customer towards buying decision.

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