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Integrated Digital Communications for setting up a successful marketing campaign

Offline media have failed to help companies attract and retain potential customers, as users are prone towards social networks and online digital channels to search for and interact with brands.

IDC (Integrated Digital Communications) are means of communication on a variety of digital channels to effectively convey a message to targeted group of consumers.

Place clients at the core of each media campaign

IDC includes integrating media tools on digital channels to build an effective campaign and convey the messages directly to users based on understanding of consumer insights. IDC is well-known and adopted among companies with gigantic customer base who are active on digital channels. IDC enables companies to expand customer base, get hold of latest market movements and steer consumers towards brand awareness.

Challenges in entering digital media playground

With millions of new accounts created on digital channels every day, the customer base grows vastly and becomes fragmented while the consumer – brand connection winds down as the former are exposed to too many choices and media messages. Digital media playground has become increasingly competitive, urging companies to change their view towards:

  • Consumer insights for each segment.
  • The consistency between concept and idea for each campaign.
  • The activeness in getting hold of changes in market trend.
  • The depth and transmission effect of a media message.

IDC service offered by YouNet allows brands to discover new insights in line with market movements, identify and involve in discussions with potential consumers to effectively develop their sales activities.

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