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The role of influencer in an effective media campaign

In an Influencer marketing strategy, the influencer (usually a person who has a relatively large pool of followers) conveys a brand’s key message to the market. Influencers, in this scenario, are often individuals with high community impact, celebrities, and so on. They usually share posts with high engagements on social media and has the ability to “influence” a consumer’s decision-making. Using the right influencer enables brands to save cost, improve revenue and attract hundreds of potential consumers, with unlimited application regardless of corporate scale.

Right person - Right time is the “key success factor”

Influencer marketing approach offers mutual benefits for both businesses and the influencer themselves. Nonetheless, an influencer marketing campaign might not always prove effectiveness. A classic example: the corporate selects a celebrity to promote for their product, but 80% of that influencer’s followers are not the potential/relevant target audience, or even more unfortunate, the followers are “digitally virtual”. This incurs both financial and opportunity costs for corporate without bringing home the desired results. Therefore, selecting the right influencer for your campaign is mandatory.

Influencer marketing through SociaLift

Not only facilitating the speed and streamlining the size of a media campaign, SociaLift is also an influencer market measurement medium. Influencer Marketing services provided by SociaLift include:

Booking & Management
Campaign Planning

Influencer Marketing Process

The process starts with searching and providing a list of potential Influencers that match the campaign objectives, with more than 60 different data lists for various industries. The categorization and evaluation of Influencer based on KPIs/metrics would be carried out right afterward. Finally, two main phases including planning and effective management of the campaign shall be implemented to ensure the campaign’s effectiveness.

Tools & Platforms support Influencer Marketing: SociaLift