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We believe in bold approaches and courage can enable us to go far and beyond.

Digitalize business core strengths

Constant market evolution and flexibility offer unlimited possibilities for digital improvements in advertising, sales and customer care. Digital Consulting service is offered to meet such rising demand, allowing companies to transform their operation and business by digital advancement.

With the help of latest advancements in technology and data analysis, we offer strategic, operational and effectiveness measurement consulting and above all, we focus on the adaptability and utilization of core strengths.

Competitive pressure from development of technology and digital channels

The development of technology and digital channels has changed both customer behaviors and expectations. That poses as a pressure for companies to adapt accordingly by digitalizing its advertising function to better forecast demands.

According to Adobe Digital Trends, advertising – media industry has transformed itself in the last 50 years, with new trends constantly shaping how customers interact with brands in every aspect. Customers nowadays are more willing to share information and open to new experiences, which both facilitates better customer connection and puts extra competitive pressure.

Consulting process and implementation

Every journey starts with simple steps. Companies all need to reassess their digital capability to adjust accordingly, adopt technologies, measure and roll out the model comprehensively.

Consulting process & Implementation roadmap

Step 1: Auditing and assessing digital advertising and media capability

Auditing and assessing internal capability play an important role to the success of the project by illustrating whether it is compatible with the business model and customer behavior. Our services cover the checking of following aspects:

  • Product/service and brand model
  • Customer and market insights
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of digital channels

Step 2: Proposing strategy and roadmap

A suitable model and corresponding tools will be proposed based on digital maturity and digitization strategy, and data – a distinctive asset of YouNet Group.

Digital Marketing Maturity

Step 3: Pilot

Pilot is carried out on small scale and within a limited, adjustable budget to accelerate the process, facilitate relevant tools and machine learning adoption, and easily measure plus adjust impacts.

Step 4: Full-scale rollout

This is when the campaign is developed with reasonable investment to maximize profit. “Scale up” and “Continuous optimizing” are the two important and inseparable steps to advance to a comprehensive digital changeover.