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“Human-centric” approach for corporate operations

Advocacy Marketing is taking over and becoming a global trend. Advocacy Marketing is a form of objective third-party media which encourages loyal customers, staffs and partners to continuously share positive news about the brand.

More than 80% of customers seek feedback from a third party before making purchase decision. That’s the reason why Advocacy Marketing earns more interests and receives wide application recently. In the era of increasingly expensive advertising and high competitiveness, marketing & media costs are becoming a financial burden. Advocacy Marketing appears as the optimal media solution that offers huge advantages to businesses that know how to leverage their existing resources.

Today, consumers are wiser. They can easily distinguish branded-contents with organic shares; thus proving the fact that human-to-human relations always result in a more sustainable connection than that of human-ads. To reach its highest effectiveness and optimized existing resources, a strong technology platform is a must for Marketing Advocacy.

Voiceshare and Bitrix24 are developed as an innovate toolset that facilitates business operation and manages Advocacy Marketing service’s effectiveness.

Advocacy Marketing Model

Advocacy Marketing model includes and does not limit “influencers” from secondary party list, from customers, partners to corporate staffs.

Tools & Platforms support for Advocacy Marketing (employees perspective): Bitrix24 Tools & Platforms support for Advocacy Marketing (customers perspective): Voiceshare