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A tool for brand communication

VoiceShare is an interactive platform - social media used to create an environment encouraging employees to use their personal communication channels to create positive and continuous discussions and interactions about brands/ businesses.

VoiceShare is evaluated as an interactive platform that is comprehensive and easy to integrate into other management systems, helping businesses optimize internal resources – their employees - for brand communication. VoiceShare creates an environment where employees can share information about their businesses.

Flexible Gamification to optimize campaigns

Statistics show that the interaction received on an employee's post is 8 times higher than that of a brand's, with the same article shared on social networks. If we know how to take advantage of this powerful resource, the communication efficiency can increase exponentially in proportion to the current number of businesses’ employees - 100, 500 or even 1000. However, in reality, it is quite difficult to encourage employee participation in information sharing activities about products or businesses.

The gamification features of VoiceShare help increase interaction and encourage users to share information and business activities. In addition, there are functions to create rewards and campaign management tools, etc … helping businesses develop incentives for employees to share information about the campaigns and increasing brand awareness.

VoiceShare integrates well with metering, tracking and reporting tools according to the campaign real-time of each employee, department, and campaign.