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A platform for building social network

phpFox is a social network platform, a main tool for building blogs, news websites/ magazines, business introduction, sales pages - e-commerce, etc. phpFox is also a social network platform for individuals and businesses, with different tools and features supporting various user goals.

Technology boom gave birth to numerous popular social network platforms and applications today. However, this phenomenon also generates giant waves of data flow, making them available in many public places, causing difficulty for businesses to find targeted customers. Popular online communities often cause businesses to lose an enormous amount of potential customers. In addition, functions standardization is still low, creating difficulty for businesses to navigate their activities in the targeted segment.

Understanding challenges in the current market, phpFox is developed based on technical technology with standardized features for each marcom purpose of both individuals and businesses. These functions help administrators select features that are relevant to the community built towards its targeted customers.

Function diversity and multi-channel

The basic functions of social networks built on the phpFox platform include:

  • Registration/ login, editing user profiles.
  • Basic interactive features: Chat, Message, Activity feed, Notification, Status update, ...
  • Extensive features: Blog, Video, Event, Photo, Marketplace, Poll, Quiz, ...
  • Extensive features on mobiles help build a faster and more economical private social network with web, mobile app (iOS & Android).

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