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A 360-degree management tool

When a business grows rapidly and reaches a certain scale, standardizing customer and internal management processes becomes even more crucial. With effective operation and management, Bitrix24 is a key highlight for businesses having large data files and searching for an effective management method. Bitrix24 provides businesses with a set of tools to manage internal communications, as well as projects and customer files. It also helps the operation process become more flexible and optimize the businesses potentials with high security.

Bitrix24 is a high-tech management platform developed on the long-standing technology called Bitrix Framework Site Manager (1C Platform- Forerunner of modern ERP). Therefore, Bitrix24 inherits superior features from its former version such as advanced technology, high security, stability, load capacity, and unlimited feature development capability. These features serve the functions of internal communication, customer data management, workload management, and internal business process automation.

With Bitrix24, businesses can streamline their customer management processes, while speeding up order fulfillment and enhancing customer satisfaction. In addition, Bitrix24 provides a set of automation tools to help employees work become more flexible. This also helps them mitigate risks in sharing information within the company, as well as manage workload and improve work efficiency. With its user-friendly interface, businesses can arbitrarily customize the software for a better fit with their environments and cultures.

Integrated features available on bitrix24

Social Collaboration Platform: An internal social network platform that helps businesses to create a healthy digital playground for employees to interact with each other and effectively manage employees' activities.

Project Management: The project management feature helps employees manage their own work volumes and workflows, thus increasing productivity and work efficiency.

CRM: A toolkit that automates customer data management process, shortens the time to approach targeted customers.

Contact Center: A feature that helps businesses to interact and respond quickly to customers in real time, reinforcing customer confidence and satisfaction.

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