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Contact center

Multi-channel management tool that shortens distance with customers

Contact Center is an integrated information system that connects customers with customer service staff at the right time. It is created with the aim of helping businesses manage a large number of customer contacts from a 360degree approach, via different communication channels by phones, corporate websites, chat, email, messages, video, skype, and so on.

Customers hold an important role in the activity chain of an enterprise, especially with e-commerce, banking, retail businesses, etc. Thus, effective customer relationship management is always a top priority. However, under intense competition among brands, productivity and efficiency are actually the core competitive values of a company. Training for a good customer service team and understanding the needs of customers require a lot of time and cost.

Therefore, a Contact center is created to solve the shortcomings in the process of sales and customer service within businesses. The Contact center model allows businesses to manage large volumes of different inquiry types and answer customers' questions almost immediately.

Contact center to be considered as a profit-generator

According to statistics, up to 39.8% of the surveyed businesses/ organizations responded that Call Center is a Cost Center, while the other 25.2% considered it as a Profit Center. Because human resources account for up to 70% of operating costs, the higher the number of employees, the higher the cost for businesses. Therefore, they tend to use a Contact center as a tool to cut labor costs and increase operation productivity.