Did you know that 60% of organisations’ problems are brought about by poor internal communications? These lead to conflict and situations which are detrimental to efficiency, productivity and the work environment.

The importance of communication as a strategic value

Internal communications is one of the main tools companies use to convey their values, vision and goals to their employees. It largely determines whether staff are aligned with corporate strategy and whether teams are effective and productive enough to successfully achieve the desired profit.

According to this interpretation, communications is a tool that supports the business plan, providing consistency and integration between goals, plans and actions. Companies which afford it this strategic importance communicate internally to motivate their employees and keep them up to speed about their successes and failures, ensure that goals and objectives are well understood by all and gather contributions to enhance corporate processes and results.

The problems resulting from poor Internal Communications

Many organisations still neglect their communication methods and refuse to invest in something that they continue to view as a cost. What are the consequences?

  • Employees find it hard to align with corporate strategy
  • Poor staff engagement with and commitment to the company’s overall project
  • Obstacles in information flows. Increased ‘water cooler’ rumours and loss of confidence
  • Decreased motivation and productivity
  • Worsened work environment
  • Lack of collaboration venues
  • Difficulty in managing knowledge

These are just some of the wider issues at hand. Identifying and dealing with them in a timely manner avoids problems with other areas and misunderstandings – and it also ensures that relationships in a company are not undermined and wrecked over time.

How to solve a company’s internal communications problems in 3 steps

The first thing you need is a change in mindset and attitude. The world has become social and your business has to evolve towards a more and better connected organisation model in which cross-cutting relationships and communication methods take precedence. You can do this with an Enterprise Social Network.

1. Change your organisation’s culture

Don’t kid yourself. No internal communications technology on its own will solve your problems overnight. Start by getting a culture shift in your organisation and support from senior management.

The first thing you need is to convince your company’s management to change and evolve towards a more and better connected business, one in which cross-cutting relationships and communications take precedence, where technology is at the service of business objectives and of people, and both top-down as well as bottom-up knowledge is fostered.

2. Implement an Enterprise Social Network

Your belief in becoming a company open to participation and collaboration will not be of much use if you do not provide appropriate tools to make this possible.

You need to put talent at the centre of your organisation and become a transparent company where internal communication is a key piece in the jigsaw, information flows are seamless and where you have a platform that allows your staff to easily and quickly participate, make proposals, assess decisions, share ideas and knowledge, answer questions, etc.

You will find this technology in Enterprise Social Networks, which with a good implementation plan, clear-cut objectives and management support become your perfect partner for the leap towards the workplace of the future.

3. Use your Enterprise Social Network as a venue for internal collaboration and improved communications

People are already using social tools in their private lives. They also know the benefits of bringing them into play at work, so if you don’t give them something similar in your company eventually they’ll use their own tools which you cannot access. Plus if you do it, you’ll safeguard the working environment and relationships in your teams, bring about new and effective partnerships and breed confidence.

With an Enterprise Social Network you can enhance collaboration, communication, productivity and performance in your company. You will improve horizontal, vertical and cross-cutting communication, transparency and your employees’ commitment through discussion and active listening with colleagues and superiors, and you’ll be able to store the conversations and turn them into corporate knowledge that is available to all.

Enterprise Social Network is the natural solution for companies to evolve towards greater collaboration and better communication among their employees. Thanks to them processes are streamlined and complex situations are managed more efficiently.

Source: zyncro.com

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