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We have the team of passionate, the tech-geeks, the innovators, the creative individuals and the doers that have taken part in our challenging and yet rewarding journey.

Based on the core philosophy of Success-Together, we believe our success is only enabled by our people’s success. Hence, we’ve created a culture that attracts the entrepreneurs who thrilling to make an impact on the integration among Data - Technology - Communication.

YouNet Culture

Together with nearly 400 employees working for 6 companies in 3 fields of Data - Technology - Communications, YouNet Group understands the individual core value and respects the diversity.

We aim to create a dynamic and encouraging environment by providing various opportunities for our employees to take part in the process of product building and implementation, which is not limited from the ideas, concept, execution, market roll-in, after-sale and service/ product evolution.

Putting the collaboration in the heart of our culture, together we share that value consistently throughout the working environment.

May you are the one who dares to disrupt the norm, please come and join us.

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