The most innovative real-time social data collection & analytic platform


  SocialHeat is the most innovation generation of social intelligence. It's opening up new and meaningful insights and action that until now were inaccessible through basic social listening platforms. Our new semantic/machine learning technologies and advancements in modeling applied to “real time” consumer conversations are providing significantly deeper and more meaningful insights, including emotion and emotional drivers, implicit sentiment and opinion and more with strong predictive qualities. With that big advantage, we help brands engage/store/analyze the customers leads base, identify potential customers for long-term conversion to sales & loyalty.

Why Us?

Largest Data Pool
Automatic Sentiment
Audience Profile
Real-Time Update

What we offer?

Brand tracking & monitoring

Consumer Insight

Category & Industry Insight

Campaign Tracking & Measurement

Trend Spotting

Crisis Monitoring

KOLs Analysis by Category

Lead Generators Detect

benefits across departments

Not only Marketing, Social data analysis can be leveraged by each department’s strategy team to acquire actionable strategies. This is a cyclical workflow that can help brands minimize cost, optimize, and find opportunities in areas unseen previously, which ultimately increases revenue.

benefits across communities

Social Listening is the best solution to leverage technology and data to increase brand engagement, strategize on communication, hone-in on customer relationship management, and innovate appropriately.